Snack on a heavenly plate of pavlova at Mark’s Restaurant.  pretzels

Snack on a heavenly plate of pavlova at Mark’s Restaurant. pretzels

I follow Mark On Instagram for a few years and his posts always sparked one thing in me: a sweet tooth! Mark, who hails from Lorraine, France, has been living and working in Berlin for the past eight years. If you often in the past few years Two and two Cafe Or at Princess cheesecake You may have seen him before, and most importantly, you have managed to convince yourself of his excellent baking skills. At the beginning of September 2022, Mark (finally) opens his own coffee shop in Reuterkiez, in Mark. pretzels.

Whoever thinks of a sweet coffee shop is wrong. At Marc, the finest French pastry meets industrial light fixtures, metal counters, and unplastered walls. When I visit, Beyoncé’s latest album blares from the speakers. While the furnishings are still missing a few things here and there, the display looks perfect. At the moment, Mark is mainly focused on pavlova, which is why I also introduce his coffee shop to friends as a pavlova heaven.

© Dalia Hoffmann-Konishka

© Dalia Hoffmann-Konishka

Before I get into how delicious and incredibly tasty Mark’s Meringue Pies taste, here’s a little historical digression into the origins of a pavlova. It’s not entirely clear who invented the pavlova, Australians and New Zealanders have been arguing about it for decades. What is certain, however, is that the beautiful meringue and cream dessert was created for Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who was touring Australia and New Zealand in the late 1920s. Anyway, mini meringues with cream filling are included Mark. pretzels To melt – and as beautiful as you imagine a prima ballerina in a white tutu.

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In the display case, the pavlova smiles at me with peaches, chocolate and lemon. I choose tartlets with passion fruit coulis, raspberry and pavlova with pistachio. The meringue is crunchy on the outside and velvety soft on the inside. The cream tastes great from the vanilla and various toppings and fillings like fruit, coulis (fruit puree), ganache & co. It complements everything perfectly.

© Dalia Hoffmann-Konishka

© Dalia Hoffmann-Konishka

Love the pistachio entree. The combination of meringue, cream and pistachio cream is an inventive combination and, as Mark told me while eating and enjoying, was more of a random make. Walnut tart is my current favorite and I agree. The pavlova with fresh raspberries and passion fruit passata is no less delicious. So many things come together here: sweet, sour, fruity, creamy. Each fork is a firework of taste and affirmation that life without sweets is meaningless to me. If you are of the same opinion and your favorite dessert is pavlova, then you should definitely come to Mark’s in Neukölln and indulge your meringue cravings. I’m already looking forward to my next visit and excited to see what wonderful creations are waiting to be nibbled in this fall and winter.

All information about Mark. Desserts at a glance:

Be sure to try: Pavlova with pistachio mousse.

vegetables: Unfortunately, vegans have to watch here and can sip an oat milk cappuccino.

Store feature: Pavlova and the open kitchen.

Who are you going with: Candy and meringue lovers.

For my fans: you are bonor, Delikiri And the Cheers to the sweets.

the prices: A pavlova costs between 5 and 6 euros.

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Mark Patisserie | Reutersstrasse 53, 12047 Berlin | Thursday – Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM | More information

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