Small but mighty, Saint-Germain de Buch is well-established in France's top 30 tennis

Small but mighty, Saint-Germain de Buch is well-established in France’s top 30 tennis

Licensed since last September in Saint-Germain-des-BoschWhere he is preparing a government training diploma…

Licensed since last September in Saint-Germain-des-Boschwhere he was preparing a state diploma as a tennis coach, Gabriel Pettit was 450 years oldAnd In the ATP ranking before turning the page in the high competition. The 26-year-old Britton is part of this village team halfway between Libourne and Creon who will face 1Verse May, at home, a club in the Paris district, Montrouge, a town twenty times more populous.

Saint-Germain-des-Boech, 2,222 residents in 2020 according to Insee, plays in National 1, France’s third division. Its other opponents are ASPTT Metz, Courbevoie, Colmar and TC du littoral, headquartered in Toulon, 180,641 inhabitants at last census. From a demographic point of view, the club headed by Michel Faure is “Petit Poucet” in Group D, and by and large.

Decimal, nothing less certain. Because Gabriel Petit isn’t the only one with references. One of the five foreigners on the team, Dutchman Jess Breuer (273And Currently), he just signed a good performance in Houston against Feliciano Lopez (12 .).And in 2015). The Serbian Pejja Kristen (320And), represented his country in the Davis Cup. After two years without competition due to the pandemic, the Austrian public will discover Lenny Humpel (773And). Geoffrey de Chipper is still there. Bordelais this was 525And redundant. He also taught here. This is the brother of Kenny De Schipper, who reached the eighth final at Wimbledon in 2013.

First in the series

By virtue of its previous results, this club of 252 licensees with a friendly atmosphere will be the number two seed, behind Metz, who hails from Pro B second in the Gironde hierarchy after Villa Primrose, Saint-Germain-de-Bosch is one of the five representatives of New Aquitaine within the levels The top three of the French men’s championship, with Pressoire, are in Pro A as Bordeaux, Lagord (Pro B) and Poitiers (N1). In other words, it is in the list of the top 30 French companies.

Tennis school kids wouldn’t look at the Grand Slam the same way when they learned that world number one Gabriel had Daniil Medvedev as his training partner this winter.

The magic of the clubs lies in presenting that bridge between the inaccessible world of champions and practice at leisure, with family or friends, on these four hard courts overlooking the vineyards. Tennis school kids will no longer look at Grand Slam tournaments in the same way when they learn that Gabriel has been the training partner of Daniil Medvedev, the world number one this winter. At the Jean-René Lisnard Academy, in Cannes, they were in the same promotion. Or that he twice beat Maxime Crissy (65 .).And), the final qualifier for the Melbourne ATP 250 final against Rafael Nadal.

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under the snow

The current team is part of a really old tradition. Created in 1981, TC Saint-Germain-du-Puch is four decades of feats and anecdotes that we thought were dedicated to team sports. It all started with a “group of friends living 20km apart”, including Julian Poetz, seeded 15th at one time, and now the head coach. Over the course of the climb, these local players, of great quality, have received reinforcement from foreigners, who are now recruited by word of mouth, and everyone feels right at home in this family club. There was for example the New Zealander, Jaden Greinter, one of the best young men of his generation. Julian Poetz recalls “One morning, in order to keep fit, he performed a real Hakka in the changing room. It shook everything. We, we passed, he was less than him. He put so much energy into him that he missed his match.”

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