After disappointment, a place in the World Cup

After disappointment, a place in the World Cup

After losing in the Six Nations ‘final’ to England (24-12), the Blues showed their current limits. But also their strength, which brings hope for the upcoming World Cup (October 8 – November 12) in New Zealand.

Emerging workforce

Les Bleues management had already mapped out a framework for the team during the victorious fall tour, with talented youngsters in particular arriving, such as rear Chloé Jacquet or second-grader Coco Lindelauf. The options were validated by two successes fernThe New Zealanders, the world champions, and one against South Africa.

The 2022 tournament has made it possible to highlight some features and confirm the framework, or rather “from“tires. Half Scrum Laure Sansus, the tournament’s top scorer (six attempts), although below her usual level against England, confirmed that in the absence of Pauline Bourdon, she had to be counted on. “She is a player who is able to move the game well, breach and put us in momentum, with a very fun kicking game. When she gets close to the line, she tracks down and as soon as there is an opportunity (to score), she can seize itSummarizes coach Annick Herod.

Other pleasers, second streak Madoussou Fall, were impeccable throughout the competition (the Blues’ best striker with 64 balls) and Audrey Forlani, third streak Romain Menagher, linebacker Emily Pollard and columnist Aniel Deshais.

England, a pet angry to be tamed

In addition to the fact that it deprived France of its first major tournament since 2018, it was defeated at Bayonne in the 1950s.”crush‘, the tenth in a row, sounds like a harsh warning to Lee Blue. Admittedly, they dominated the other nations participating in the tournament without forcing themselves too much, but they faced.”Red flowers“, shoe pinches. And when we know that the two teams were pumped into the same pool at the World Cup, there is reason to be suspicious and to feed some pools.”Not at all, said linebacker Jesse Trémoulière. If we take the mobile balls that are their strengths (in the original three English attempts, editor’s note), then we have a completely different team ahead. What separates us from them is the details, their pragmatism“.

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Of course there is no destiny because the World Cup will be another competitionAdds Thomas Darrac, sporting director of the Blue team. However, with an English team capable of averaging ten attempts per game insmall“Nations, three more against the French, N.3 in the rugby world rankings, one wonders how this year’s world title could escape such admiration”Red flowers“.

Game sectors to review

The five months from now until the World Cup won’t be too much to erase the errors and inaccuracies the Blues sometimes display, let alone relax in the second period during their first four encounters of the tournament. in Bayonne,We ran out of balls, which limited our ability to score, we had trouble switching our initiatives, we have trouble getting out of plan: there is maturity to find this last move‘, Thomas Darracq analyzes.

Les Bleues tries to stop Red Roses Lark Davies’ prostitute. Philip Lopez / Agence France-Presse

Annick Herod is sorry for her part.”a lot of mistakes(Eleven penalties waived on Saturday) andAll these balloons we lose(Including four in contact). “It’s up to us to be more discerning in contact, and simpler too, and fend off them in the air to avoid the balls being carried.‘, Celine Ferrer adds the second line. Physically, it’s clear thatStrength-to-weight ratiofavorable to them, notes Captain Gail Hermit, but “We have other qualities”, especially defensive (134 interventions against 114) and techniques.

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