“SKY OVER THE CAMINO” – You can win witty walking sticks!

July 13, 2021 July 13, 2021

Sky OVER THE CAMINO describes the inspiring journey of six people from New Zealand and Australia who embark on the historic 800km pilgrimage through Spain in search of life’s answers. The sometimes arduous Camino de Santiago offers each of them the opportunity to explore the limits of their physical abilities and deal with the latest personal losses. A touching film about how you learned to live with grief without losing your courage in the face of life.
Poignant and inspiring at the same time, The Sky Over the Camino is a wonderful story about people like you and me achieving extraordinary things. A story about life, love and loss.

Young New Zealand directors Noel Smith and Fergus Grady are responsible as directors and producers, and accompanied their cast of Pilgrims Julie Zarifa, Susan Morris, Terry, Mark Thompson, Claude Tranchant and Sheryl Stone on their journey.

In the cinematic version, TIKonline.de offers a few cool things Walkingstock!

Not only are these active walking poles better than traditional poles in terms of calorie consumption: with each step you push yourself against the resistance of the 20cm springs – thus activating approximately 90% of the muscles of the entire body. This intensifies your training and increases your energy consumption. By strengthening the abdominal and back muscles, your posture becomes straighter, loosening the joints of the spine, hip and knee. Plus, the soft, springy kick is a relief for the shoulders and elbows. 4 kg resistance. For beginners and recreational athletes. More information at: www.proidee.de

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To participate, simply fill out the form with the keyword “HEAVEN ABOVE THE CAMINO”. The closing date for entries is August 22, 2021.

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