Skull and Bones: An Inside View on the Internet's Ocean - News

Skull and Bones: An Inside View on the Internet’s Ocean – News

If it is not possible to establish a date for these images, it is likely that this presentation will be part of the internal examinations currently organized by Ubisoft as part of Insider برنامج. The presence of the new brand logo accompanied by the signature “A Ubisoft Original” also enhances the possibility that it will be a modern version of the game. Remember that in the latest news, Ubisoft is planning marketing skull and bones During the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023.

Inspired by the landscapes of the Indian Ocean and set in a common world that is sure to be compared to the Sea of ​​Thieves, skull and bones The goal of rising to power puts us in the world of hacking. To do this, you will have to start by getting to know Saint-Anne, the crossroads of pirates where you will find something to craft ships and equipment, stockpile supplies, win contracts and get to know other players. (Or more likely. Pull a silly expression and run away laughing.)

In keeping with the theme of the game, gaining reputation is not based on good deeds but on disgraceful points, which you earn through contracts but also by looting everything you can find while exploring the world. By climbing in the order of shame we can increasingly reach the majestic ships. Some contracts can be shared with one, two or three other players, but the point in the video is that all the contents skull and bones It can be played solo.

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At sea, it will be necessary to monitor the health of the ship but also the morale of the troops, and this last point is not neglected because a frustrated crew with an empty stomach can rise up and take control of the ship. If the latter ends up at the bottom of the sea, the player takes a disgraceful penalty and reappears at the nearest checkpoint. He can then recover most of his payload provided no other player comes to lay his hands on it in the meantime. We can also see that it is possible to harvest all kinds of resources (mineral, plant, animal) without leaving your ship, the resources in question are the key to improving the ship (resistance, attack, speed).

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