New Zealand singer Lorde is back with a single nearly four years after the release of her latest album, ‘Melodrama’. The song “Solar” released on Friday is a hymn to summer – even though winter is approaching in New Zealand. “I hate winter, I can’t stand the cold, I tend to cancel all plans,” the 24-year-old sings.

The video where a lord in an airy yellow outfit is dancing on a tropical beach is the right video. Fans celebrated the song on social media. One user wrote, “Lord ends the pandemic with ‘solar energy.’ Another tweeted: ‘This is a cultural reset, a lifestyle, a reason to breathe and open your eyes in the morning, a work of art, a hug from a loved one.'”

A few days ago, the Grammy winner posted the CD cover of “Solar Power” on her website without giving any details. The image on the painting has already attracted attention: Lourdes can be seen from the frog’s perspective, jumping over the camera, dressed in light clothing. On Twitter, the photo was turned into many memes, i.e. funny edits to the photo, in a matter of hours.

With her debut album “Pure Heroine”, Lorde, who is actually called Ella Yelich-O “Connor”, became famous in 2013. The single “Royals” took first place on the charts in many countries. After the follow-up album “Melodrama” (2017) ), Lorde largely withdrew from the audience.

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From: APA / dpa