Sigean: An exhibition through space and time

Sigean: An exhibition through space and time

Until July 30Artist Nadia Estepa displays her work at the Pierre Cucero Media Library. The least we can say is that his creations make us travel. through time first with Fayoum photos “It is a group of figurative panels dating back to Roman Egypt. These funerary panels drawn in strips were inserted on the face of the mummy. Thus, Nadia reproduced her figures from Roman Egypt on wood.” I wanted to respect his characters by painting on a noble material like wood “Eat” Off the beaten path An art lover came to see the exhibition praising Nadia’s work. It is very good and very beautiful. “She admits. Same for the blue patterns, these bright blue watercolors are eye-catching.

Fantastic gallery

With inspiration, Nadia also painted surreal portraits like these.” It is an abundance of insects and feathers ‘It comes out of a woman’s head. Or whose head is embedded in a vine stock. There are also lithographs like the one representing the Tamaroque Bridge at Portel-des-Corbières. Not to mention that these works occupy the La Palme watch, so dear to her heart that she made a poem of them. The visitors are clearly impressed.” It’s a great gallery ! Another visitor claims.

Go ahead, it’s a journey through art that is presented to you throughout this exhibition.

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