Karenac.  Stained Glass and Chemistry Exhibition

Karenac. Stained Glass and Chemistry Exhibition

Alchemy is the ancient science of creating all kinds. In the “Fiat Lux” light, double light crystallizes in the glass. Thus was born the stained glass of the cathedrals of mosque churches, in short all the temples … The theme that Jean-Luc Chaumel chose this year for his twenty-first exhibition in the den of Carignac, Atelier du Prieuré, is a combination of these two principles.

Magalie Moulin, a glass craftsman, heritage glass window restorer, particularly at Miers and Aynac, produced the chemical symbols for the minerals, the four elements, secret fire, the red lion, the green lion, and the salamander.

Vincenzo Galati, who lives in Narbonne but is of Italian descent, fixes on canvas rivers of light expressing the passion and intense feelings of human comedy.

The sculptors, Lucien Chomerez, Gerard Colas, Patrick Vogel, Manday and Samogite accompany stained-glass artists with painters Giacometti de Bass, Scorsese, Almodovar, Linda Baker….

This year we have a fireworks display in the monastery gallery worthy of web telescope images depicting early ages. free entry. From July 12 to September 30, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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