series.  Tarn-et-Garonnais for 2021: Audrey Forlani, 15th ray of France

series. Tarn-et-Garonnais for 2021: Audrey Forlani, 15th ray of France

From rugby school at Stade Beaumontois, where she started at six, to the France team that just celebrated their 50th selection by defeating New Zealand’s world champions, Audrey Forlani has built an impressive sporting career. And perhaps the best is yet to come for Blagnac’s second line.

You always have to believe in your dreams. The person she followed, since her childhood, Audrey Forlani has always had a rugby ball shape. Ordinarily, you will tell me, growing up in Beaumont-de-Lomagne, the land of Ovalie where pure talent flourished, we of course think of the brilliant half Max Barrau, but also of Jean-Pierre Rives, Michel Lasserre, Christian Lanta or Lionel Faure. In this gallery of aliens from Beaumont, boys only. There was a missing girl…so it would be Audrey Forlani.

“When I was 4-5 years old, I came to the stadium in Beaumont to see my brother the player. On the edge of the field, I always had a ball in my hand. When I was old enough, at the age of six, my parents introduced me to rugby. Since then, I never stopped.”
Twenty-four years later, while playing for one of France’s top clubs, Blagnac, and sharing all her experience with her French teammates, whose first international selection dates back to 2011, Audrey continues to live, thinking about rugby almost every minute…

It’s a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices too, but in the end, I don’t regret anything at all. The fun wins.

On December 31, a few days after joining Marcoussis in the first pre-camp for the Six Nations Championship with the Bleues, Team Beaumontoise is thrilled to return to where it all began, at Gaston-Vivas Stadium. His parents, Jean-Pierre and Danielle, were a teacher and she was the rugby school secretary. Their two children, Mikael and Audrey, quickly contracted the virus. The youngest member of the family describes “a passion that was basically a game. It’s a game that became a dream, little by little and in the end, I am so happy that I went through all these stages and to be there today.” Hui. It’s a lot of work, sacrifices too, but in the end I don’t regret anything at all. “
Audrey is grateful to her parents and all of the SBLR teachers who “pushed and helped her”.

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His five dates

September 1997
The day my parents enrolled me in Beaumont Rugby School. My brother Michael was already playing there.
June 2007
Lee’s first title of French Champion with the youngest Saint Oriens.
March 2016
She won the 6 Nations Championship by defeating England. Two years later, we won a Grand Slam tournament.
August 2017
With the France national team, I was selected for the World Cup in Ireland. We finished third behind New Zealand and England.
November 13, 2021
On that day, I celebrated my 50th championship with the French national team and we beat New Zealand, the world champions, in Pau.

After 10 years of wearing the ‘blue and white’ jersey, the teenage boy must immigrate to Haute-Garonne in 2007. “I could no longer play with the boys and Beaumont didn’t have a small team.” So she put her gym bag in Saint’s locker room -Orens and joins the Hope Center in Jolimont. Since the first season, this born contender has been raising the French Junior Champion’s shield. When Saint-Orens made it to the top of the women’s rugby elite, in 2009, young Beaumontois was part of the adventure.

On November 20, Audrey Forlani and her teammates scored a roll of honor in Custer after the huge success (29-7) of the French against the New Zealand world champions.
DDM – DDM Emily Kaer

An adventure that continues today under the shirt of Blagnac Rugby Féminin, the club created in Saint-Orens that was attached to Blagnac in 2013.
In the 2021 season, the Belgians could have been crowned champions of France. After eliminating Toulouse rivals in the semi-finals, the title stretched its arms against Romagnat. “A home final is not usually missed. This defeat hurt and I struggled to recover. We didn’t know how to manage our highlights. We have a young group but in case of defeat we learn more and come back stronger.” The Belgians can count on the second row to climb the last step, next spring , so as not to retain this bitter taste in the mouth.

How many “black ferns” did you knock in the bao?

In Team France, Audrey Forlani just had an unusual moment: a double win over the “Black Ferns”, the New Zealand team, the world champion, and no narrow wins: 38-13 in the first Test – a match from this the Autumn Tour played in the Poe and from 29-7 after Eight days at Stade Pierre Antoine in Castries. “In the first of these Test matches, on November 13th in Pau, I celebrated my 50th head,” Audrey recalls, with stars in her eyes.

❤️ Pick 50 for one.
? The first international test of the last.

? An unforgettable day for our entire team
???# Franzl #XVdeFrance # Hahaha

France Rugby (@FranceRugby) November 13, 2021

Observers did not count the number of “black ferns” that Bomontois demolished. “Physically, they are denser than us. If we don’t drop them from the start, they will move forward. In this match, we won the advantage streak.” With this “very cohesive group” that has “great personal strength”, Audrey Forlani believes that the France team can achieve A big 6-nation tournament (with the date already set, April 30, England’s reception in Bayonne for what already appears to be a final for the 2022 tournament) before going to challenge New Zealand’s women on home soil where the Women’s World Cup finals will take place in October and November. “Yes, 2022 can be a very good year for me, both for the club and with Les Bleues. Meeting New Zealand is really strong, but in addition to that, if we have the opportunity to go to the World Cup there, it will be very beneficial. It will be Only happiness,” Beaumontois is already planning.

Women’s rugby has developed very well in France. It should continue like this for the players who will continue in the coming years

It is she who, like the best French players, benefits from a 75% federal contract, is pleased with the development of women’s rugby. “It has nothing to do with my early years,” Audrey admits. Both in terms of player preparation, general enthusiasm and media following, things have progressed very well. It should continue like this for the players who will continue in the coming years. “
At the age of thirty, a person who “is considered to be older than young” does not want to think when this dream will end. “The years I have left, I don’t know, I still have a lot of fun.”

his emotions

Plate. Beef tongue. This is the dish my grandmother made for me.

Movie. “Invictus”. I love this Clint Eastwood movie. Thanks to sports and especially rugby, people come together.

Song. For our memory. This song by group 3 gourmet cafes brings back so many memories.

sports. Obviously rugby. Basically it was my dream to play at the best level and in the end I was able to achieve it.

Athlete. Teddy Renner. It is an example. He will always look for his level of requirements as much as possible. His career and nicknames speak for him.

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