Serge Tankian does not allow himself to dictate to him

Serge Tankian does not allow himself to dictate to him

Where many bands insist that they are musicians rather than those with political views, Serge Tankian has always followed an entirely different path. In a recent interview with Brazilian webzine G1, singer and solo artist System Of A Down supports his right to this type of expression.

I was an activist before I made music. And I play many different types of music – classical without singing, jazz, film pieces, or even rock. If you write something new, it could be a love song or a political piece. So, if something worries me a lot and I turn it into a song, nobody can tell me what I’m saying and what not. ” Serge Tankian is generally critical when setting regulations.

Serge Tankian: “We are living and vital beings”

“Telling an artist to make his music and turn away from politics is like telling a journalist to only conduct interviews and not – what I know – fix the toilet or anything else. That doesn’t make sense. We humans are active and conscious beings on this planet. We can be good at more than one thing. If the people are not, then this is their problem. “

Serge Tankian recently authored the full score for the award-winning documentary I Am Not Alone. Directed by Garin Hovannisian, as well as new Live Nation Productions movie “Truth To Power”. It deals with Serge Tankian’s personal journey between music and activity. In 2017, Tankian composed the score for Emmy-nominated Joe Berlinger for Intent To Destroy. In the same year, he also created the soundtrack for the Russian action movie Furious – The Legend Of Kolovrat, and in 2018 for the film Spitak by Alexander Kott.

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Other sound works by Serge Tankian include results for the independent films “1915” and “Last Still.” Also a piece of music by “Hardcore Henry” by Elijah Nicholler and a soundtrack for the song “Midnight Star” and its sequel “Renegade”.

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