Le sénateur centriste Joe Manchin avait déjà annoncé que la facture affichée de ce plan lui semblait trop élevée.

Senate Speaker Calls for ‘Stop’ Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Plan

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin urged his party on Thursday to do so “to stop” In progress to Congress of A giant plan for social reforms Wanted by Joe Biden, in the amount of 3,500 billion dollars, which threatens this axis in the program of the American president.

The Democrats control Congress, but their majority in the Senate is so narrow that they cannot afford any defections to support this plan. The centrist Mansion had already announced that the published bill for this plan seemed too high to him. But while parliamentary committees are now drafting the exact content of Biden’s project, he reiterated his position in his column The Wall Street Journal, citing risks associated with inflation, debt, a pandemic, or future international crises.

If they do not sign the termination of the project, his statements and the angry reactions he provoked in the left wing of the party indicate that negotiations will be very difficult to reach a democratic consensus. The West Virginia senator wrote, “Congress should take a strategic break” on the bill. it is necessary” to get “More clarity about the course of the epidemic, and it will allow us to determine whether or not inflation is transient.” J’“Estimates that spending trillions of additional dollars not only ignores current economic realities, but ensures that America will weaken on the fiscal front when faced with an upcoming recession or a national emergency.” The young Democrat elected to the House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, responded by criticizing Senator Manchin, whom she accused of being close to major oil groups.

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‘Transforming’ American Society

Free Kindergartens, Better Access to Health, Investments in Public Housing, Regulating Migrants or Even Fighting Climate Change: Joe Biden’s “Building Back Better” Project Saves $3,500 Billion in Investments Over Ten Years “adapter” American society. This amount is roughly equivalent to Germany’s GDP in 2020 ($3.8 trillion).

Advocates of the plan assert that these investments will be in “Greatly compensated” Through financial income, particularly through taxes, thus avoiding the risk of economic overheating. This summer, the House and Senate, thanks only to Democrats, adopted a resolution setting the total amount and its main priorities. The various parliamentary committees have until September 15 to submit the exact content.

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