In Herat, Afghan women demonstrated for their rights

In Herat, Afghan women demonstrated for their rights

“We are here to demand our rights and we are not afraid.” About fifty women demonstrated on Thursday 2 September in Herat, Afghanistan, before the introduction of the government of the new Taliban regime.

“We have the right to education, work and security”These demonstrators sang with one voice, and some carried banners demanding respect for women’s rights.

The demonstration was held in Herat, the capital of western Afghanistan close to the Iranian border, a city known to be somewhat liberal in Afghanistan. At least one of the protesters wore a burqa, while the others wore a simple headscarf that covered their hair, ears and neck.

“We are here to claim our rights”Frishta Taheri, one of the protesters, who was contacted by AFP by phone, explained. Women and girls fear that the Taliban will not allow them to go to school and work.”

“We are even willing to wear a burqa if they ask us to, but we want women to be able to go to school and work.”, explains Fareshta Taheri, artist and photographer. “Right now, most of the women working in Herat are at home, in fear and uncertainty.”

Since regaining power and capturing Kabul on August 15, the Taliban claim they have changed. They have repeatedly stressed that they want to establish an “inclusive” government. But their promises on Wednesday contradicted statements by the deputy head of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar on the BBC.

Asked about the next government, which may be revealed on Friday, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai privately hinted that “It may not be” Appointing women as ministers or in positions of responsibility, but only at lower levels.

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