Self Improvement: Ten video games that aren't all fun

Self Improvement: Ten video games that aren’t all fun

One of the cool things about video games is that they can be complete endings in their own right. Pleasure, escape from reality, frivolity – a waste of time in the best sense of the word. Players test stories, practice game mechanics, and have virtual experiences. Your successes are counted only in the digital world – on the mobile phone, on the console, on the computer.

But video games can also teach you things for everyday life or subconsciously get people to take something out of the game. Quality, ability, or state of mind can be developed by what the game demands of you.

We present ten games that combine fun with self-improvement.

Logik: ‘Gather carefully’

Devices operate according to certain logical rules, also in the gaming world. If you want to rewrap tape in ‘Carefully Assembly’, you must insert a pen into one of the holes and turn it over. In the game, defective items are frequently presented to players which have to be fixed. The tasks get more complex as the game progresses, and each object also tells the story of the one who possesses it.

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