Google service: Warning to users - offer will be canceled

Google service: Warning to users – offer will be canceled

Google service will be discontinued soon and all user data will be deleted.

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The Google Play Music service of the Internet giant Google will be canceled. Anyone who has been a user of the music app should hurry up – otherwise all data and music will be gone forever.

North Rhine-Westphalia – mid-2020 Google Already announced that the showGoogle Play MusicNow it’s serious users. You have to speed up before all the music is gone.

Transformation Google Play Music
Publishing 16. November 2011
Platforms Android, Android TV, iOS, and web browser

Warning to users: Google deletes data – show will be replaced with “Youtube Music”

Google is now warning users aboutGoogle Play MusicIn a letter All data and music Safe as quickly as possible. Because soon they shouldn’t be available and Permanently deleted will. The service has been provided by Google since December 2020 It is no longer usable.

According to the information in the email, “Google Play Music” -Nutzer distance Until February 24 It’s time – two good weeks – to save everything. Includes all Music Library-All downloads and special purchases. But the rest of the data belonging to the account must also be executed Google delete.

Google service will be canceled: users warning – users are angry about data loss

But why save the data? The View music from Google Play Music near to “YouTube MusicOn the th Google data export So users should be able to transfer their data to the new provider.

Service “Google Play MusicIt was published in 2011 and has a Google Play Store Currently over 5 million downloads. On smart phones With th Android operating system The app is already preinstalled by default. You can either use the app Free Use or recharge with subscription and stream more songs without restrictions.

Warning to users: Google service will be canceled – users think it’s an “absolute hoax”!

However, the ratings seem rather weak – Music application It only scores 3.3 out of 5 stars. However, the poor rating appears to be more likely due to the movement as well Youtube Lying (all News about digital On

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The user freely expresses his anger with the new “Youtube Music” application: “What does that mean? YouTube Music Is the last scrap. Everything you bought here will be there Advertising Stop! Can my playlists I do not play. One song then i must manually continue. absolute cheek. “

Google service will be canceled: “It was the best app ever” – Offer will be replaced by “Youtube Music”

Others, in turn, are very pleased with this Music application They were: “It was the best app I’ve known and now it’s all gone? I loved this app, it was of high quality and you could hear the songs even if you turned off your phone and thought that was the best thing about it.” Other previous users of the music app also complain about the fact. That the songs were taken fromGoogle Play MusicTo the new providerYouTube Music“It won’t work.

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There are currently changes not only in “Google Play Music”. The messaging giant Whatsapp will soon change its terms and conditions. However, users should be careful.

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