Seine-Saint-Denis. In Montreuil, the factory will soon be converted into green spaces and social housing

The SNEM plant in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) should be replaced with green space and social housing after the city retained the site. (© Google Maps / screenshot)

city Montreuil (Seine Saint-DenisIt announced Thursday, July 22, 2021 that it has found a “new future” for the former site of the SNEM plant located at 34 rue de Messier. Site adjacent to Jean Moulin Les Jyllands Park.

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“The land in Montreuil, which until 2017 housed the SNEM plant, specializing in the processing of aviation parts, since its liquidation has attracted the appetites of many promoters, in fact causing the Land speculation,” the municipality explains in a press release.

Thus, in order to “control the development of this site” and “ensure the realization of a sustainable project that respects the area and its environment,” the city, in partnership with the regional public corporation Est Ensemble Group, decided to confirm Pre-emption. Preemption which means that the city will buy back the land in favor of the public office dehabitat montreuillois (OPHM).

The owner of a property located in an area defined by the community (a municipality or a public institution for inter-municipal cooperation) with the aim of carrying out urban development operations shall, as a priority, propose the sale of the property to this community. This is called the right of pre-emption. So the property owner has no right to sell his property to the buyer of his choice.

Green spaces and social housing

The Omani PMO will also have to and will have to organize a presentation of its project prior to obtaining the construction permit Involve the population To the Architects Consulting Process. The office is also responsible for cleaning up the site.

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This project, if not permanently discontinued, shall include the investigation of a Green area Providing environmental continuity with Parc des Guilands and a project Social housing and social home ownership “On the ground floor,” explains Gaylord Le Cheeker, first deputy mayor. spaces of public interest should be implemented.

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