Seeing the Starlink satellites from Garda

Trail from Bright spots On the night of Saturday May 8, it also appeared in the high skies of the Garda Scaligero, as well as in the Trentino region.

The news was presented by Lorena Binamonte who, along with her friend and colleague in Brenzon, Alessandro Squirezoni, noticed this glow of “little white rods placed in a single file as if they were a thousand feet from the sky”, as they said by Brenzone.

But what is the matter? From the “usual” extraterrestrial planet that some claim, periodically, to sparkle in the sky of Lake Garda and this alerts amateurs, conspiracy theorists and pseudo-galactic experts? Or from the younger and brighter relatives of the well-known ET? Unfortunately, none of this appears to be the case.

With less mystery and more physical evidence, some small satellites appear to have been launched by the billionaire into orbit. Elon Musk. Or at least so they claim from Trentino, even the “bright spots” in its sky were clearly visible on the night of Saturday May 8th. “These are communications satellites, in and of themselves nothing is unknown,” Christian Lavarian, an expert at the Trento Science Museum, told the Trentino press, “especially the satellites.” Starlink From SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, you can actually notice it for two years. ‘

Shining path in the sky

Shining path in the sky

The peculiarity of these satellites lies in the fact that they are launched together by a missile in groups. “Musk are very small satellites and they can launch 10 or 20 at a time, and then they go into orbit around the Earth and stay very close to each other for some time. So when we see them in the sky, You see a series of bright spots linked togetherThey carry on from Moses. The billionaire company Misk is sending hundreds of satellites to the sky that will be used for the global internet, that is, to cover areas that cannot be reached with the high-speed network, and the system must also work on laying foundations to create a new GPS network. “There is the problem of sky pollution that is taken very seriously,” Lavarian closed, “to the point that SpaceX has received a series of indications, and for this reason, it is modifying future generations of satellites to be less reflective.”

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In short: Man never denies himself and is able to dump waste everywhere, even in space. Things that are not “sweeping”, that is, a space sweeper, will be able to remove them. But it will also be needed, as it did in the last days of The remnants of the Chinese missile return to the planet It is currently inhabited by the human race, and you should try to find out where these pieces fall, since receiving a barrage of satellites in the head may not be completely healthy. “But above all,” as the spectators above Garda say, “the umbrella may not be sufficient for this kind of rain.”

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