By Saturday, you will have to accept the new WhatsApp rules or else you will not be able to use the app

By Saturday, you will have to accept the new WhatsApp rules or else you will not be able to use the app

The date used by your users The WhatsApp They will have to decide if it is Acceptance of the new terms of use Serve or join conversations and voice and video calls with your contacts. The May 15 The new regulation for the instant messaging platform will take effect, which is represented by the Facebook Group Trying to get approved for months.

History of the new rules

It all started at the start of the year with a seemingly innocuous notice about the new rules WhatsApp developers are putting in place for their platform. Users had to decide whether to accept or reject them within a month, and possibly give up using the service again. The change was considered by many members as one One-sided taxes And a breach of privacy, as it guarantees the passage of some user information between WhatsApp and the social network Facebook.

What happens to the new WhatsApp rules

The criticism received prompted the Facebook Group to take a more incremental approach: Delay an appointment On May 15, the rules for several months come into force, and a media campaign has been launched explaining in clearer terms what the next news will be. In fact, with the new rules, WhatsApp is giving companies a possibility Send Facebook ads to the users with whom they are engaging in conversations On the messaging platform.

Because Facebook cares a lot about the new rules

This is just a fringe change, but it’s actually very important for Facebook. The system will actually allow posting to social network users More relevant personalized adsEven after the new privacy protections included in the iOS 14.5 update for iPhones; The change is so important to the group that its acceptance has become mandatory. Moreover, the multinational company didn’t stop until months ago, when the first proposal caused users to migrate to other messaging platforms.

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By May 15, the change will be final: for everyone who does not wish to accept it, alternatives are numerous. From Telegram to Signal – the only problem is the Impress your contacts In the same step to continue to contact them for free.

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