Secret Heroes – Sack in Newcell… |  Monday January 21st on TV

Secret Heroes – Sack in Newcell… | Monday January 21st on TV

New Zealand is – or rather used to be – the “Planet of Birds”. They have set the tone for millions of years. Even if man has changed a lot: New Zealand is still a world of its own. Today, New Zealanders are fighting to save some of the endangered species of birds and parrots. Keas, New Zealand’s unsung heroes, have a good chance.

The rugged Alps of New Zealand have long belonged to the keas. They seemed to have mapped out the worst possible plot: ice and snow, extreme weather, and food insecurity. But keas of all people knew how to fight their way. Then the first settlers came. They cleared forests and brought with them mammals that compete with birds for food and habitat. Today nothing is as it was before.

But that didn’t seem to bother Kea. Eager for discovery and creativity, he ensures his survival. Wherever Keas lived, she automatically became a part of New Zealand social life. They break into homes and trash cans, open locks, and carry tools. They see open car windows as an invitation. Only the places where keas lay their eggs and raise their chicks are far from human settlement: dark caves in the wilderness.

The offspring needs rest. But even there the nests were invaded by thieves. Kyats are powerless against attacks by martens and rats. The number of kyats decreased dramatically. New Zealanders are looking for a cure. By their nature, Keas are adapted to a completely different world – without people, without dangerous four-legged friends. The only thing they can do against it is their intelligence and their enormous ability to learn. But this does not always help.

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The documentary “Hidden Heroes – Keas in New Zealand” shows just how resourceful these mountain parrots are. (station information)

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