Seasoned Rookies – NTT IndyCar Series

Seasoned Rookies – NTT IndyCar Series

Roman Grogan, Jimmy Johnson and Scott McLaughlin will be the three youngsters of the 2021 IndyCar season, the most experienced drivers.

For the 2021 IndyCar season, the junior field promises to be one of the most experienced players and for good reason a professional debut in the motorsport world seems out of reach for the three beginners for this season.

Seven times NASCAR champion

Chip Ganassi Racing is betting on Jimmy Johnson. A few years ago, that last sentence sounded like a bomb in the NASCAR universe, but in 2021 we’re talking IndyCar. The most successful driver in the NASCAR Cup series, linked to alternate Earnhardt and Richard Petty, entered Andy Carr at the age of 45. A bold bet for a Californian who can count on the advice of teammate Scott Dickson, six-time IndyCar champion, but he also retires Dario Franchitti, four-time champion.

When he mentions the behavior of his car, he uses the monstrous qualification. After nearly two decades in NASCAR First Division and at the end of his career, he put himself on one last challenge.

It is brutal. There is a lot of strength, support and grip. Driving madness.

Jimmy Johnson

In his first season in single-seat America, Jimmy Johnson will only compete in road and city races. In 2022, the door will not close to 500 miles and thus for an entire season.

Another French in America

After ten Formula 1 seasons and a total of 179 Grand Prix awards, Roman Grosjean is headed to the American continent. The 35-year-old on Saturday, the day before the season opens, will be at 51st place in Dale Coyne Racing. Like Jimmy Johnson, he would not run in the oval races.

If INDYCAR attracts people, it’s because it’s a flagship chain. Good cars, good drivers and a driver can really make all the difference.

Roman Grogan

Roman Grojian was born in Switzerland in Geneva and holds dual French-Swiss citizenship, but works under a French license. Thus, there will be three Frenchmen in 2021, since joining Sebastian Bordet and Simone Bagnoud.

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The United Nations trio of Supercars chez Penske

Australian Marcus Ambrose led the way by coming to NASCAR after several supercar titles. The New Zealander copied it a few years later, but in IndyCar. Roger Pinesk’s driver and Dick Johnson’s team, on the other side of the Earth, proved it all. Three titles in a row, 56 victories, 76 columns, 106 podiums, in 27 you had to find another challenge.

There is a little nervous. There is a stranger, but I told my wife I had prepared as much as possible. The only thing I miss is the experience, but it will come.

Scott McLaughlin

The kiwi will be the only one of the three beginners to be found on the road and urban circles, but also on ovals. With four additional races to his credit in 2021, he is off to a clear advantage in winning the title of Best Rookie. In addition, he is the only one of the three juniors who have actually competed in the IndyCar race, since he was in the 2020 Final on the streets of Saint Petersburg, already with Team Penske.

The 2021 season starts this weekend in Barber Motorsports Park.

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