This year, National Heart Week was held from September 26-29. Therefore, the Heart and Health Club welcomed the public to its headquarters on Avenue Saint-Sauveur on Wednesday in order to better introduce its various activities.

André Herzog, who succeeded Raymond Asmat as president of the structure, gave an update on this occasion about events that had been organized recently or in the future: “Following the Guam (Union of Artists Doctors Gala) show on June 10 at L’Arc, President of Guam Michel Billard presented us and the doctors of the association with a check. In the amount of 1,500 euros on Saturday, September 23, at our headquarters. The performance of the show was lower than expected, mainly because the date was chosen, and the doctors supplemented the amount collected with tickets from their own pockets. »

Interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery

The Heart and Health Association is now looking to the future and will organize a conference on October 12 at 8:30 p.m., at the Ursulains Hall in Montsénes, as part of Science Week. Its topic will be current events in interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery, with the participation of Professor Olivier Bouchot and Dr. Jacques Rafici, and the interventions of Dr.rupee Mullins, Burrott, Morgant, and Lorges, as well as Ida Calabro.