Science Question: Will the human race continue to evolve?

Science Question: Will the human race continue to evolve?

All species evolve. There is no reason why it should be any different for the human race. Even if advances in medicine reduce the role of natural selection.

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It was Charles Darwin who first proposed the theory of evolution with a concept that was, at the time, revolutionary: species were not fixed but were the result of evolution. This design has generated and continues to generate a lot of ink! This means that in any society there are individual differences and that this competition eliminates the individuals who are least adapted to the environment.

Having certain genes may or may not be an advantage. Let’s imagine that some individuals have a mutated gene that provides resistance to the virus, and that this evolutionary advantage would be crucial for those living in areas affected by the disease. We can imagine the same process for other conditions.

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But this development is very slow, and sometimes accompanied by shocks. Scientists suggest a very gradual development, sometimes interspersed with intermittent periods.

However, we can say that this species continues to evolve even if, fortunately, people who died previously can live normally today thanks to advances in medicine.

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We can actually consider that we have succeeded in removing ourselves from the mechanism of evolution. This is unusual, but it can worry us.

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