Immersive space brunch all summer long in Paris!

Immersive space brunch all summer long in Paris!

Want to travel to space without leaving the capital? Stellar makes this fantasy a reality with an immersive brunch. Embark on an interstellar journey and let yourself be amazed by creative and delicious dishes that will transport you beyond the stars!

A breathtakingly immersive meal

It's already been more than two years since then. Ephemera, Paris' first immersive restaurant, It immerses us in thematic universes. After the sea, there is space where you can eat for more than a year. This experience should be tried at least once: you don't eat every day in space. The Ephemera restaurant, which strives to bring to life a Real change of scene For its customers, it has made it a concept: amazing video, sound, lights and cinema equipment will make you enjoy an extraordinary dining experience. The place is exotic, and the food is no less good: the Ephemera team seeks to tickle your taste buds. Carefully selected seasonal productsand one hot kitchen. New? Breakfast and lunch.

the great explosion

The culinary journey begins with the Big Bang, a refreshing appetizer that brings together Stracciatella with Eggplant Caviargarnished with herbal spices. Next, head to the Tru Noir, a generous burger with pulled chicken, topped with béarnaise sauce, pickles and apple straws, with a vegetarian option available too.

soft landing

As for desserts, Stellar offers a stop on Pluto, Gourmet French toast enhanced with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. From Madagascar with macadamia nuts and pieces of honey candyFinally, Nuage Stellaire will wrap you in sweetness with a bowl of homemade granola, blackberry yogurt and fresh berries. All accompanied by a drink of your choice from a selection of hot and cold drinks with Hungarian touches, such as Black latte or iced sunshine tea.

A unique experience that combines exquisite flavours and a cosmic atmosphere! We meet every Sunday in July on the 13th for an unforgettable brunch among the stars.

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Excellent brunch
Francois Mauriac's Quay – 13th place
Every Sunday in July
Hours of Operation: 10am – 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)
Lunch is 35 euros

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