Science proves the therapeutic benefits of a surprising daily habit

Science proves the therapeutic benefits of a surprising daily habit

For all animal lovers, this particular practice is beneficial. According to a PetPlan survey of UK adults, The majority view their pets as more intuitive than their partner. 9 out of 10 participants find the presence of their animal therapeutic. But these benefits are not limited to your pet. While walking, you often come across a dog and feel an irresistible desire to pet it. This reaction may be due to the fact that Our body recognizes the benefits of this small gesture.

A study from Washington State University showed this Beneficial effects: 249 students were subjected to a ten-minute experiment, and they were divided into four groups. Those who have direct Cats and dogs showed lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than the other groups. Researcher Laurie Douthwaite explains that there is a connection between humans and animals It positively affects physical and mental health, leading to biochemical changes such as the release of feel-good hormones and reduced stress hormone levels.

Thus, even a short interaction with animals, whether our own or those we encounter while walking, can bring great benefits to them Psychological health. A discovery that highlights the importance of human-animal bonds in maintaining physical and mental health.

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