Giselle dance performance Espace Kéraudy Plougonvelin, January 20, 2024, Espace Kéraudy Plougonvelin.

Plugonvillein Finistère
Date (year – month – day) and time:
Start: 01-20-2024 20:30:00
End: 01-20-2024


By Ravensquid Ballet Company which aims to support young dancers by offering them their first professional experience.

Giselle is a romantic ballet in two acts. The ballet premiered on June 28, 1841 in Paris. Despite his success, he fell into neglect and oblivion in France. It wasn't until 1910 that audiences rediscovered Giselle, thanks to the Ballet Russe.

Gregory Cianchi relies on academic editions while relying on and researching the original, which is unpublished in current editions. The focus is on the exchange of powers between the first act and the second act as we see Giselle, a naive and innocent human being, fragile in health, become a supernatural being, imbued with independence and defending the man she loves despite his cowardice and lies. .

An avant-garde vision of the time reveals the beginnings of intentions that could be described as “feminist” among authors, choreographers and composers.

Espace Kerode Rue du Stadium
Plougonvillene 29217 Finistère Brittany

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