Science, not beliefs, to protect wildlife

Science, not beliefs, to protect wildlife

Organizing wolves is not limited to civil society only. The Federal Council's strategy is being criticized even internally within its government agencies, and is currently under scrutiny by the Federal Court. The partial executive order governing it, which was determined without any real consultation procedure, should be completed in 2025. It is therefore time to adjust the legal framework to the real issues of our time and in light of science.

In 1986, Switzerland adopted a Law on Hunting and Protection of Wild Birds and Mammals (LChP), which was rather innovative at the time. Then our country appeared at the top of the global rankings of environmental concerns. At the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, our federal chambers decided to update this legislative framework. The goal was that large carnivores, as well as caribou and beaver, could be regulated more intensively, because of the damage they could cause. Unfortunately, this practice proved to be in vain: at the same time, no consideration was given to a large number of bird and mammal species that were in decline. The new LChP was rejected by the people in 2020.

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