Médipôle: A space created in the hospital to reduce the anxiety of young patients

Médipôle: A space created in the hospital to reduce the anxiety of young patients

The area where the children are anesthetized has been redecorated before each MRI. The environment is now more pleasant and welcoming than in the past, in order to reduce the stress experienced by young patients and their parents.

With a jigsaw of turtles, rays and fish, young Caledonians will now sleep before every MRI. In Medipole's Radiology Department, this previously strict space has completely changed to adapt to its younger patients.

First, we expanded it, and it is now much larger and more functional. Then we brought the decor, inviting to psychedelic the marine environment, with the different animals belonging to it.“, explains Alexandra Tosoli, nurse anesthetist at Chittagong Hospital.

At the origin of this project launched two years ago, were Medipole employees and two associations, “Les Mamans Roses” and “Les p'tits doudous du caillou”. The idea came from an obvious observation: Children were very anxious during anesthesia, a key gesture to keep them still during an MRI.

This is the time when children are separated from their parents. This is one of the high points of concern before surgery“, points out Yoann Rossignol, anesthesiologist and resuscitator at Medipol. “Until now, we have used pharmaceutical methods to treat this. We are trying to find alternatives and creating this decor allows us to achieve a more fun and familiar atmosphere.“, he continued.

The space only officially opened on Thursday but the redevelopment was completed two months ago. Since the room was renovated, staff have already noticed improvements for the children.

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This is clearly an asset, and we are seeing very positive results. Children are less stressed, feel more well-being, and there is better commitment on their part […] The less afraid they are, the less time they spend on the MRI, and the more we can provide to other children“, confirms Olivier Leges, Head of Chittagong Hills Photography Department.

This represents a significant challenge, given that 200 to 250 children pass through the MRI preparation room each year.

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