Science Museum patron criticized again

Science Museum patron criticized again

The Science Museum in London will open by 2023 a new interactive space called ‘ energy revolution »Dedicated to the topic of climate change. It is created under the auspices of energy giant Adani Green Energy, which generates Many reviews In the scientific community and among climate activists.

The museum already sparked controversy when the “Our Future Planet” exhibition, which opened in May 2021, was held under the auspices of the Shell oil group. Last Sunday, activists again made a huge a pile of trash bags In front of the museum in protest of his partnership with energy groups. Professor of climate sciences Chris Rapley He recently resigned from the Science Museum’s advisory board in protest of these frequent partnerships.

A view of the Our Future Planet exhibit at the Science Museum in London.

© Science Museum Collection

Online photo gallery replacement AtmosphereThe ambition of the new interactive exhibition space “Energy Revolution: Green Energy Expo Adani” is to analyze developments in climate science and think about energy solutions to slow climate change. The most pressing climate challenges will be highlighted through a presentation on the history of energies, through interactive and digital storytelling techniques.

The goal is to make visitors understand how current data and its future predictions can be used to create sustainable solutions. The Science Museum’s collection and loans will be presented in four thematic sections: Alternatives for the Future, Future of the Planet, Future Forces and Energies, and Future Life.

According to the Director General of the Science Museum, Ian BlatchfordAdani Green Energy plans to invest $20 billion (17.16 billion euros) in clean energy production. The solar energy developer aims to become the largest renewable energy company in the world by 2030.

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