PODCAST: Smallpox Vaccination, Precursor to Vaccination.

Listen to the first episode of this new series of PodcastsScience in all its discussions. Every month Gautier Depampour invites you on a journey throughHistory of science To dive into the heart of the most beautiful controversies in the history of science.

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To start off in style, this first episode will transport you back to the 18th century to tell you about the controversy surrounding the inoculation of smallpox, the ancestor of both smallpox. vaccination. At the time, smallpox (also called “smallpox”) was wreaking havoc, regardless of social class, age or wealth. Louis XV himself died of it! Not to mention the incredible spread of epidemics as happened in Paris in 1723, where 20 thousand people succumbed to this terrible disease.

However, a glimmer of hope emerged in 1717, when the British ambassador, Lady Mary Montagu, discovered a techniqueimmunization in Turkey. However, this technique is the subject of many debates and questions in the community and among scientists including Diderot And D’Alembert.

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