"Science is an accelerator for investigations"

“Science is an accelerator for investigations”

INTERVIEW – For the head of the National Forensic Service, increased laboratory activity is “critical to the quality of the relationship between the police and the population.”

Inspector General Eric Angelino is the head of the National Forensic Service.

Le Figaro. What are the current challenges to forensic science?

Eric Angelino. – The main challenge is to continue to democratize it. Forensic science has always been an exceptional police force, led by PJ in the most complex and most widespread cases. In the early 2000s, the state decided to change the paradigm to put it at the service of the largest number of people and to clear up everyday crimes, such as theft or vehicle theft. Lots of cases to be reported by 100% of respondents. In ten years, laboratory activity has increased eightfold!

This is critical in the quality of the relationship between the police and the population: when the victim sees criminal police interfering in a burglary, she rightly feels that the state takes her problem into account. while staying on the highest level of the spectrum,

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