How to free up space with apps you don’t use on Windows 11

Although it doesn’t focus on older hardware, Windows 11 has a bunch of dedicated features some of them to save storage space. These are basic functions that all users will appreciate.

One of them, very interesting, saves space with unused applications. It can be archived and kept on standby until needed. At this time they return and occupy their natural and necessary space. Learn how to activate and use this mode.

Windows 11 is not always available on devices with high storage space. This requires careful management of installed and maintained applications, so that everything is organized for users.

To help automate this space management process, Windows 11 has a unique feature. You can put unused apps into a file, keeping only the data associated with the app, which will be reinstalled from the App Store if necessary.

Store archived apps in Windows 11 . space

To activate this new feature, you must go to Windows 11 settings. Here you next need to choose the Apps option, from the list of entries available on the left.

On the right side, in this area, you should now choose the Apps and Features option, which will open a new area. Inside, you start by choosing the More Options option to expand right away.

Store archived apps in Windows 11 . space

With the new options in place, they have to find the second entry on this list. It is called Archive Apps, and this gives direct access to manage this functionality in Windows 11. Click on the option and open this new area.

Here you finally have the option you are looking for to turn this feature on or off. There they find an explanation of how it works and how they can use it. They only need to activate the current switch to activate it.

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Store archived apps in Windows 11 . space

From this point on, a portion of Windows 11 free space management is left. This will monitor the usage of existing applications and whenever space is needed, it will be archived.

This new feature in Windows 11 will be very useful for users of this system. It ensures that there is the necessary space and, if necessary, the applications are removed and reinstalled the first time they are launched.

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