Science has confirmed it's the world's most popular scent, not cheese - Reuters

Science has confirmed it’s the world’s most popular scent, not cheese – Reuters

Trying to get along, people spend a lot of money on perfumes. But what is the world’s favorite scent? Scientists claimed to have finally found the most pleasant scent for most people, regardless of gender, culture or nationality. Most favorite scent contains a little vanilla. The study also revealed that the smell of sweaty feet and cheese is one of the least common odors.

Artin Archamian, a researcher in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, explained in a report in The Independent: “Cultures all over the world classify different odors in the same way, regardless of their origin, but olfactory preferences have a personality advantage – although not Cultural – component.

“We wanted to examine whether people all over the world have the same perception of smells and like the same types of smells, or whether this is something that has been culturally learned,” Archamian said. “Traditionally it has been viewed as cultural, but we can show that culture has little to do with it.”

As part of the study, 235 noses were used, and then the subjects were asked to rate the different scents involved. Nine groups of people participated in the study. They all belong to different ways of life. However, discrepancies between their responses were very rare.

Archamian added: “We now know that there is a global perception of smells that is determined by molecular structure and explains why we like or dislike a particular scent. The next step is to investigate why this is by linking this knowledge to what happens in the brain when we smell a particular scent.”

It was concluded that humans share sensory systems with a common anatomical scheme. However, the individual sensory experience is always different. Furthermore, culture explained only 6% of the variance in compatibility ratings. In contrast, individual variance or personal tastes explain 54% of the variance.

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