Science Festival 2022: Fill the Entertainment

Science Festival 2022: Fill the Entertainment

Supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for 30 years, Fête de la Science informs the general public about scientific debates, technical developments and innovations. Animations, conferences and presentations on the agenda!

As every year, from October 7 to 17, the Science Festival will take place. City Council 10e
Committed to reviving this important moment. The relationship between science and society is indeed of unique importance today.

The pandemic has shaped the public’s relationship with scientific knowledge as a major issue in our society. Understand what science can and cannot say, understand methods of knowledge, interpret statistics, etc. The lack of a solid public scientific culture is a democratic weakness.

At the same time, the ability to act in our highly artificial world is closely connected with technical knowledge, that is, with technical culture. From the simple fact of cooking, knowing how to sew, and mastering digital tools to the point of freeing yourself from the most predatory commercial distros for your privacy, DIY, the basics of chemistry to making your cosmetics free from pollutants and without waste, tech cultures are also the means of individual and collective liberation.

The science fair aims to:

  1. Promote knowledge sharing and exchange between researchers and citizens

  2. Strengthening the work of the scientific community

  3. Facilitate access to quality scientific information

  4. Allowing everyone to better understand the challenges of scientific developments and thus promoting active participation in public debate

  5. Discovering the work of scientists and professions resulting from research

  6. Raising public awareness of scientific culture

  7. To stimulate young people’s interest in science, curiosity regarding scientific careers, and arouse vocations.

On the program at 10e

To help you understand the world of tomorrow through discussions and scientific innovations, several associations in 10e They have created a program rich in discoveries for you!

“We have control over the climate, but not the weather”

An artistic installation that blends art and digital will allow you to trace the evolution of climate across time and space! An image of the Earth will be shown on a semi-spherical surface to represent the distribution of heat around the globe. You will then be able to travel through the ages and explore the evolution of climate in different eras of the Earth. In fact, we have no control over the weather: we can only control the conditions that produce heat!

It was designed and produced by the Association of Independent Scientists / Buena Onda, and will be open to visitors for the duration of the Science Festival.

  • where ? Town Hall 10eLobby

  • when ? From 7 to 17 October 2022

  • Entry is free for all

Workshops, conferences and presentations for all tastes!

Les Petits Débrouillards cinema screenings

School animation and presentations – debates for four short films on the topic of the environment for ten-year-oldse During extracurricular activities (TAP).

  • where ? Paris Animation Center ‘Jemmapes’ (116, quai de Jemmapes)

  • when ? Wednesday 11 and Friday 14 October 2022

Conference said on the Givaudan monster

Storyteller Martine Mangeon and author and researcher Alain Bonet combine scientific research and fiction to help you discover the incredible story of the Gévaudan Monster, between myth and reality!

  • where ? Françoise Sagan Media Library (8, St. Leon Schwarzenberg)

  • when ? Saturday, October 8, 2022 from 3 pm to 5 pm.

  • Entry is free for all

Coffee Conference on the Challenges of Climate Change

Avenir Climatique and Les Petits Débrouillards invite you to a conference like no other! First, a moment of accessible compositional explanation to understand all about climate change, then… a time for friendly discussion in the company of professionals on the challenges of environmental transformation! Buffet will be served to the public!

  • where ? The Associated Café La Nouvelle Rotisserie (4, rue Jean-Marie Moynon)

  • when ? Thursday, October 13, 2022 from 7 pm to 9 pm

  • Entry is free for all

Science Village

The highlight of this edition: Science Village, the afternoon is entirely devoted to the environment and climate, their means of preservation and techniques for adapting to their developments.

Especially aimed at families, the science village will offer you a rich program: activities on air pollution, workshops on digital technology, a participatory collection of cigarette butts, as well as the creation of a collaborative mural on climate issues. Animation centers in Paris at 10e. A catering stand plus a delightful, waste-free snack awaits you on site!

  • where ? Forecourt of the Paris Anim ‘Jemmapes center (116, quai de Jemmapes)

  • when ? Saturday, October 15, 2022, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

  • Entry is free for all

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