“In Nutrition, Science Joins Common Sense” Pré en Bulles Media Library, Novoito, 7 October 2022, Novoito.

“In Nutrition, Science Meets Common Sense” Friday, October 7, 8 p.m. Media Library Pré en Bulles, Nouvoitou
Free upon registration
Lecture by Philippe Legrand as part of the Fête de la Science

Media Library Pré en Bulles, Nouvoitou 12 rue de chateaugiron nouvoitou La Lande Jarcin Nouvoitou 35410 Ille-et-Vilaine Brittany

what are you going to eat? Do we still eat? Should we grow food? To what extent ? One might indeed wonder, when one notices the cacophony of recommendations, peremptory opinions, contradictory patterns, and food evacuation behaviours…
What Science Says: Humans are carnivores; The diversity of food sources should be increased, not reduced, even if adjustments are desired with regard to the ratio of animal proteins to vegetable proteins (sustainability and environment). There are no bad foods and it is the qualitative and quantitative menu over time that balances and improves health. And there, “common sense” joins the science.
Conference echoes the double exhibition visible at the table of “À! Health is on the list” and “Okay, the note is sweet,” until October 15

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Philippe Legrand, Rennes Science Center