“Science delivers”: The challenges of sport and physical activity in scientific light

“Science delivers”: The challenges of sport and physical activity in scientific light

Issée's rich programme, curated by CLAVIM, is available to all ages and to all audiences through exhibitions, meetings, screenings, workshops and performances. This event aims, in a fun and educational way, to develop scientific activities for the general public, encourage careers and raise awareness among young people about the challenges of current research.

Scientific research and sports

What role does scientific research play in sports? How does research improve athlete performance? What are its effects on health? What are the social, economic and ethical issues of sport? These themes will be at the heart of the two exhibitions presented at the Anne Frank Youth Space and at Temps des Cerises: Sports and science, strength in unity And Sports and Science: 3, 2, 1 Go!

The first, designed by the CNRS, in partnership with RATP, highlights the research carried out to help athletes improve their actions and performance, to develop innovations, but also to measure the effects of physical activity on our health and combat discrimination.

The second, developed by the COMPAS (Communication, Mediation and Scientific Heritage) Service of the Faculty of Sciences of Orsay (Université Paris-Saclay), provides insight into the contribution of science to the world of sport through technical, societal, economic and environmental aspects. Especially for different sports.

The Issy-Nature network will present an original exhibition on the external gates of the Françoise Giraud School on animal records, in partnership with the Issée Prenons la Pause association and created jointly with the children of the leisure centres.

The André Chedid Space will welcome Amandine Aftalion, Director of Research at the National Center for Scientific Research, during the signing meeting “Sports explained by science”. Why does a runner's speed slow down before the finish line? Why does a golf ball have dimples? Why is it better to swim lightly underwater? Why do you strain your arms to make a turn? Is there a law of evolution of records? Amandine Aftalion answers these questions based on physics and mathematics concepts.

E-sports were also affected

Don't miss the cross-conference at Temps des Cerises either “Strengthening your mind: a brief overview of e-sports in France” Between Cillian Godefroy, a doctoral student at the University of Paris-Saclay, and Theo “Sbador” Louvet, a professional e-athlete in league of legends. Come and discover the culture of eSports and understand the enthusiasm it arouses among young people today. What does the career of a professional eSports athlete look like today? What are the contributions of science in this field? An evening dedicated to this practice will be organized at the same time to compete with your family, about races or arcade games!

Through a dance and drama conference, the show is presented “Inside my body”, proposed by the company “Désuète”, will invite young people to discover the human body and its anatomy through a funny and poetic explanation of the body, its uses and transformations. This event was originally proposed, before its fire, by the Halle des Épinettes, and will take place at Espace Icare. Finally, workshops, readings and performances will be scheduled at all participating locations.

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The entire program can be discovered on www.issy.com and social networks!

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