Here are the types of alcohol that will give you the most hangovers, according to science

Some people suffer difficult consequences. If alcohol consumption has much to do with it, science has closely analyzed these drinks to determine the exact cause. There seems to be an explanation.

headache. This is what some people suffer from After a drunken evening. In fact, the latter sometimes drank a lot of alcohol. The result the next day, He feels a headache Medications to relieve it are welcome.

Fortunately, not everyone finds themselves in this situation. While some will say it has to do with each person's ability to retain alcohol, it actually seems to all depend on the drink consumed. In any case, this is what science suggests.

A question from relatives

This information can be found at Instagram account @Epicurieuxan editorial brand about knowledge and the knowledge it embodies Jimmy Gourmand. In a recent post we learned that some types of hard alcohol cause hangovers more than others. This unpleasant sensation is called veisalgia Confirmed by specifications.

The latter is actually the case Substances resulting from fermentation Alcohols, namely tannins and aldehydes, which vary depending on the type of alcohol. In reality, Pure alcohols Such as vodka, gin and sake contain a lower percentage, which limits the effects of physalgia. Upside down, Dark alcohols Such as red wine, whisky, rum or even beer contain a high percentage of congeners, which will enhance the effects of alcohol.

It is worth remembering, and we cannot repeat this enough, that alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Consume conservatively.

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