Science: Crypto-friendly social network ResearchHub raises $5 million

Science: Crypto-friendly social network ResearchHub raises $5 million

Research centera social network Co-founded it CEO to Coinbase which rewards Digital currencies the Scientists to Involved to contentjust completed a series.

Founded in 2020 by Brian Armstrong and Patrick Joyce, Research center progress chat platform Revolve around scientific reseach. The startup rewards the best contributors with its token ResearchCoin (RSC).

Science should work like open source software,” the young teen claims on his website.

Thursday, Research center declared a $5 million round of financing led OSS Capital. Series A also includes participation from Boost VC and entrepreneurs from RedHat and Y Combinator.

Once won, Corporate Social Responsibility It allows users to create bounties that reward other scientists for completing research-related tasks […] Our ultimate goal is to build University Square where valuable contributions are recognized and rewarded in a democratic and evidence-based manner,” explained the co-founders.

The funds raised will enable the company, which is currently seeking to hire engineers and designers, to develop new functionality on its platform.

Like other billionaires, the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase is heavily involved in scientific research. Brian Armstrong He also founded NewLimit, a biotech startup that aims to “cure aging”. The latter recently raised $40 million.

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