Science confirms this, watching videos with "cute animals" significantly reduces stress!

Science confirms this, watching videos with “cute animals” significantly reduces stress!

All pet owners know that cuddling or talking to them reduces stress. This means that those who cannot assimilate real animals cannot benefit from the relaxing effects!

Don’t worry, if you don’t have pets do you have a computer, tablet or smartphone? A scientific study was published in First Stop Singapore Reveals it Watching videos of cute animals also helps reduce stress… and videos of too much cabbage, there are so many of them on the web! And without the ups and downs of your dog’s daily strolls …

Funny animal videos appear daily on all Facebook, Twitter and other news feeds. The scientific study shows that these pictures or videos reduce stress in the viewer.

Study basics

19 British participants I showed them pictures of the animals As part of the studyUniversity of Leeds (United kingdom). Candidates were exposed to animal videos for 30 minutes. ” 5 out of 19 participants were asked to take a test after 90 minutes of viewing this slideshow. The other four participants were academic support staff who reported feeling stressed at work. »Explains the site Yahoo News.


All participants saw their own The heart rate decreased by 6.65% on average. But blood pressure has also decreased. And that’s after just 30 minutes of watching. Andrea UtleyResearcher and author of the study: “Throughout the session, all participants’ heart rate and blood pressure decreased to a level considered healthy and indicated limited levels of stress and anxiety.”

All participants experienced a heart rate drop of 6.65% on average. Image credit: Shutterstock / Anika

The same observation when analyzing blood pressure, which decreased by an average of 14.9% in systolic pressure and up to 18.28% in diastolic pressure. In the participants with the highest heart rate, a 23.3% reduction in diastolic blood pressure was observed. Determines the location ladepeche.

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Anxiety disorders may be reduced by 50% in some cases. This allows scientists to claim that watching animal videos help suppress human stress. All you have to do is connect to YouTube, search for funny animals or soft animals, for a moment of calm and relaxation … your body will thank you.

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