Robert Badinter will come to Montello to open the solidarity space that will bear his name

Robert Badinter will come to Montello to open the solidarity space that will bear his name

Indre-et-Loire and the municipality of Montlouis decided to give a new solidarity space in the city in the name of Robert Badinter. The former minister, after he brought in the draft abolition of the death penalty in 1981, said he wanted to go to the inauguration.

Soon a special guest in Montello. Its Solidarity House, which has benefited from the recent restructuring, will bear the name of Robert Badenter, a former justice minister under François Mitterrand and president of the Constitutional Council for nearly ten years.

The Indre-et-Loire administration strives to give the name of an outstanding personality, who holds fraternal values, to its social buildingsVincent Moret (PS) and Jean-Gerard Baumier, president (LR) of the county council, justified the mayor of Montelau-sur-Loire in a letter addressed directly to Robert Badinter.

Thus, Loches already has “Espace Simone Veil”, and Saint-Pierre-des-Corps has “Espace Gisèle Halimi”. Homes ”Inform, guide, supportIn the areas of solidarity:Daily life, inclusion, education, child and adolescent health, access to rights, parenting support, help for the elderly and the disabled close to your home“, According to the department.

Robert BadinterA page of history fills

Robert Badenter still had to agree to have his name displayed on a facade in Montelau … the agreement was mailed to April 26. “it is my honorSeals Keeper wrote from 1981 to 1986, during which time he carried the bill to abolish the death penalty.

And the “If health conditions permitRobert Badinter promises to surrender.Gladly in Montlouis-sur-Loire at a date to be determined, for the opening of this space“.

Happy answer Jean Gérard Baumier:We will receive her with respect“, He asserts, considering Robert Badinter”A page of history fills“.

No date has been announced

In September 2020, nearly 40 years after cancellation, An opinion poll shows that more than one in two French people support the reinstatement of the death penalty. An opportunity for the head of the department to give his personal definition of a “historical figure”:

Simon Fell, Giselle Halimi and Robert Badinter are people who know how to take risks, do not monitor opinion polls, and continue to stand up for their deepest convictions, even when public opinion does not agree. In 1940, de Gaulle was in London. The opinion of all the French was not in London …

Jean Gérard Baumier, President of the County Council of Andre-et-Loire

The County Council is not announcing at this time any date for Robert Badienter’s arrival in Montelau-Sur-Loire.

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