School researchers for Science Festival 2021

School researchers for Science Festival 2021

The Fête de la Science du Soler festival kicked off on the morning of Friday, October 1st, with Operation Scholarly Scholars. Thanks to the intervention of many scientists and researchers, this measure put in place by the municipality is aimed at educating the youngest in the field of science and sparking calls.

sponsored by Sandrine RoccaAssistant in charge of school affairs Francine Diaz, the municipal councilor in charge of scientific culture, were 10 speakers, professors emeritus of the university, member of the Astronomy Society, who came this year at F.Arago du Soler Primary School all day for mini-conferences.

Each of them gave lectures to popularize science on different topics and topics such as: astronomy, robotics, natural hazards, beekeeping, good food, renewable energies, sustainable development …

This work, which perfectly reflects the spirit of the Fête de la Science, has always been well received by the students, teachers, teaching staff and the principal. William Ribas.

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