"Sausüßer" offspring at Hellabrunn Zoo - Kunekune pigs

“Sausüßer” offspring at Hellabrunn Zoo – Kunekune pigs

In Munich, 14 piglets saw daylight at the Hellabrunn Zoo. The New Zealand breed can be obtained through breeding.

More than ten special-type piglets at Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo: Pigs Lily and Frida have given birth to a total of 14 Konkon piglets, the zoo reported Thursday. Each of the litters consisted of two piglets and five seeds.

According to the zoo, the Kunekune is a breed of pig that is native to New Zealand. It was considered nearly extinct in the 1970s. The breeding program has enabled thousands of their species to return to zoos and private pastures.

Offspring of a piglet from Kunekune pigs at Hellabrunn Zoo: A total of 14 young animals were born. (Source: Dominik Greenwood / Tierpark Hellabrunn / dpa)

Three months, three weeks and three days – these are the usual pregnancy times for pet pigs. According to the zoo, Lily and Frida were also behind before Khran gave birth in early April. All pigs are said to be healthy.

In the Maori language, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the name Kunekune means “fleshy and round.” It was said that little pigs would live up to this name noticeably after a while. A spokesman for the zoo said the offspring was definitely “cute.”

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