Sarah Grant, 70’s Model: You only have one body, you love تحب

“You only have one body, make sure you’re proud of it.” Sarah Grant says this at the end of the fashion show during Australian Fashion Week 2021, where she made her debut at the age of 71.

Grant wore a black one-piece swimsuit with a floral shirt off the shoulders.

“It’s great for older women to see a more mature person in a dress, because then they can imagine themselves in it. And it’s good for business too, because baby boomers are the biggest consumers when it comes to shopping for fashion,” she said. Grant said.

70 is the new 50


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“Dressing a swimsuit has never been a problem for me, because the ’70s are the new fifties.

We are all healthier now and living longer. We only have one body and we should be proud of it. at any age. It’s about empowering yourself and others, regardless of height, size or age.”

Grant may be new to Australian Fashion Week, but she’s actually a true maven.

Her first runway appearance was for Pierre Cardin in New Zealand at the age of 16.

Then there was Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, and Zandra Rhodes, before returning to Australia, where she appeared on the cover of Playboy with an electric guitar in the 1970s. “I was wearing black pants and a black leather jacket and they said ‘Can you take your pants off?'” ‘I said yes, but that would cost you an extra per leg, and they paid for it.’

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Age is like a tide, you can’t stop it

As for old age, she admits: “When I turned 30, I went crazy. But then I let things go as they were supposed to, because you can’t hold back the tides. Today I have more fun than I ever had in my life and I’d better say no. touches, even if we have to take care of our appearance.”

As for young girls, she has no doubts. “Embrace who you are and have fun.”

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