Saone Wall |  L'Arrosoir in partnership with Espace des Arts, Scène nationale Chalon-sur-Saône: ARK anticipates the resumption of indoor concerts!  Chalon news information from Info Chalon

Saone Wall | L’Arrosoir in partnership with Espace des Arts, Scène nationale Chalon-sur-Saône: ARK anticipates the resumption of indoor concerts! Chalon news information from Info Chalon

With really nice articles in the specialist press for “Traveling Minds,” ARK, composed by Joseph Pigeon and Clement Dregon and celebrated guitarist Benoit Keeler, all three talented musicians who passed through the Conservatoire du Grand Chalon, recorded this debut album, last summer, on Arrosoir. Finalist from Jazz Migration # 6, finalist from Rezzo Focal Jazz à Vienne 2019 launch pad, supported by the Center Régional du Jazz en Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the Burgundian Triad will perform at Espace des Arts on June 22. All information on this free concert by reservation:

“Before expressing themselves with words, Joseph Pigeon and Clement Drigon actually coexisted through music. In fact, the two cousins ​​grow together musically, and within their family they play the first notes side by side. From then on, they each followed a different musical path in Conservatory Châlons sur Saône. One in classical music, the other in jazz. Numerous influences embrace jazz such as rock, their minds meet and unite around the ECM brand. Lately, they are fascinated by the label’s musicians, and they are gradually cultivating a keen interest in this branch of jazz. .

The fixture for this trio is the encounter with double bassist Benoit Keeler. The famous musician Joseph and Clement immediately felt a desire to share a musical adventure with him. This is when the idea of ​​creating their own world was born.

Then these three musicians of different horizons meet to make their desire to work together a reality. They decide to compose together for the project, and because of their strong influence, their music is directed through listening, interaction, simplicity, space … ”

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Saturday May 22nd, 2021 at 6 pm at Espace des Arts / Grand Espace. Duration: about an hour and a half

Free by booking on 03 85 42 52 12

To know more:

Born in 1997, Joseph Pigeon He obtained a diploma in Music Studies at the Chalon Classical Guitar Institute in 2016 and in jazz guitar in 2019. He is currently pursuing his studies at Jazzcampus of Basel with Wolfgang Muthspiel, Lionel Loueke, Larry Grenadier or even Jorge Rossy. In the same time as his professional training and at the age of 23, Joseph is already having great theater experience with Swing Folie (Gypsy Jazz), GABRIIEL (Folk Rock) and DRIPH (Jazz / Rock). Join Youth ONJ under Denis Badault in 2020. Joseph is inspired by the playing and aesthetics of ECM musicians: Jakob Bro, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Bill Frisell. But also Radiohead or Jeff Buckley’s music.

Clement Dregon He studied at CRR du Grand Chalon with Stéphane Ranaldi and then with Jochen Rueckert and Ferenc Nemeth. He has collaborated with several musicians founded in Saône et Loire in the world of jazz, on projects such as Horla Trio with Clément Juvigny & Baptiste Bailly, Le Monde Merveilleux by Pépito and then Cry of People under the direction of trumpeter Pierre Antoine Savoy, in LONYS side by side Together with Pierre Inza and Olivier Py or even My Sweet Afterlife, mixed with popular music, as he had the opportunity to accompany the Parisian singer and guitarist Roxane Arnal surrounded by Baptiste Bailey and Etienne Renard with whom he recorded the EP “Presentation”. Soon after, Clement co-recorded GABRIIEL’s “Light in The Dark”, with Maxime Gabriel, Joseph Bijon and Jonathan Chamand in a pop-filled world with a light touch that sometimes evokes Americana music.

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After three years studying at IMFP (Salon-de-Provence) where he worked on electric bass and improvisation with Michel Zenino, André Franco, Gildas Boclé, Benoit Keeler In 1996 he joined the jazz department at the National Conservatory of Chalons. He then studied the double bus alongside Michel Martin, Pierre Sylvain, Eve Russo, Yves Turchinsky, Christophe Walim, and Jean-Jacques Avenel, earning a gold medal in the major in June 1998. From 2004 to 2016, he participated in many creations in the field of new circus arts with the company Raspozo, of which he became its music director in 2015. He regularly accompanies many artists as a side element and participates in many creations. He is now a professional double guitarist, improviser and composer, and performs in many European theaters and international festivals. “

Text and Visual: EDA Communications, Chalon-sur-Saône National Theater and L’Arrosoir

Pinned by SBR – Image credit: Clément Vallery

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