As if science is a matter of opinions!

As if science is a matter of opinions!

A friend sent me a hilarious skit that they saw on YouTube this week.

A young boy who fails a math exam goes to his school.

This explains to him why he did not get a good mark.

The dictatorship of mathematics

You see, Danny, on the first question, what is 2 + 2, I answered: 22. Now, the correct answer is 4.

– No, it’s 22, said the boy.

– No, it’s 4, the teacher answers. We add the two shapes, but don’t put them next to each other. Look … if I take two pencils in my hand and add two more, how many pencils do I have?

– 22 said the boy.

– No, I have four! Calculation: 1-2-3-4 … ”

The boy gets on his nerves, throws the teacher’s pens on the floor and runs out of the classroom.

The next day, the teacher welcomes parents to her class.

“Hey, we’re Danny’s parents. What exactly happened yesterday?

I asked Danny how much he made 2 and 2, and he answered 22. ”

Parents look at the teacher without understanding. “And the …?

The answer is not 22, but rather 4.

– On whom?

– But .. according to the laws of mathematics!

– Are you saying that our son is stupid?

Of course not, the teacher said.

Who are you to say that your answer is correct and that our son is wrong? Do you believe yourself in Nazi Germany? Our son is a free thinker, you will know! We’ll talk to the manager and fire you! “

This is my opinion !

All here.

Vaccines. Conspirators. Those who “do not believe in science”.

As if 2 + 2 = 4 was a matter of “faith”!

And as if there are several possible answers to this question! And that all answers were equal!

As if science is a matter of opinions!

As if we can have a “say” about the laws of gravity!

What the hell do you want me to do and not “believe” in gravity? Do you not “believe” in the pandemic or the danger of the virus?

Do you think this will actually change anything?

As former Democratic Senator and sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: “You have a right to your opinions. But you have no right to know your facts.”

Or, as financial planner and columnist Fabian Major wrote on his Twitter account: “I hear things like“ I have a right to my opinion ”or“ We don’t think like that… It’s great for discussing elections in Montreal or wearing socks in sandals. We have nothing. ” We think “or we think about a pandemic. Covid-19 is there even if you don’t want it.”

Down with the hierarchy!

It is the concept of equality taken to the most absurd point.

There was no longer a hierarchy, no more moral or intellectual authority. Everything is the same.

Those who dare to say the opposite are the fascists, dictatorships and enemies of “libaaaaaarté”.

What a wonderful time, isn’t it?

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