Saone Wall | Evening of “Breath” and “Instante” at Espace des Arts, Chalon-sur-Saône National Theater: 2 Captivate solos in the circus! Chalon news information from Info Chalon

The same – Liulian and Florence Caillon

Circassian composer and choreographer, Florence Caillon, developed her own technique, a combination of circus gestures and dancing, which she calls a circus designed for choreography. The same It is a solo game beautifully interpreted by acrobatic Julie Tavert that perfectly combines dance and circus with high-flying jumps comparable to aerial characters.

Surrounded by a circle of light, the performer, to the point of shortness of breath and fatigue, diffuses a large number of convolutions to a tone made up of the sounds of the breaths and melodies played on the cello.

By sweeping the plateau with great winds of clean air, fluidity and freedom, The same It is an amazing hymn to life and the body that breathes.

immediately Cie 7BIS and Juan Ignacio Tula

There is always something magical about the Wheel of Cyr and it appears in that Juan Ignacio Tula immediately The extent to which this steel circuit presents multiple installations is as dangerous to the artist as it is to the viewer. In the expression of the centrifugal force and through the exchange of pulses and balances between the mineral and its body, a wonderful and hypnotic survival instinct arises. Juan crosses the gateway of connection to the sacred by surveying the simplicity of the rotational and repetitive movement.

May 19, 2021 – 19 hours Arts District | Small space

Thursday 20 May 2021 – 7:00 pm Arts District | Small space

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