How do you communicate in the sky and in space?

How do you communicate in the sky and in space?

When the advertisement pushes you to get your attention

Although advertising already has many modes of communication, some brands are aiming for higher goals and planning to communicate in the sky or even in space. Hence, many campaign startups are considering the starry sky when publishing their communication campaigns.

This is the case of the Swiss company Aerotain, which has been working for several years on designing a 3-meter helium-inflated balloon topped with a fan. The latter is called Skye Aero, and it was designed to put ads into the air. Although the concept looks amazing on paper, the balloon is moving in the airspace relatively close to the ground. Already used during campaigns like Star Trek Enterprise in Los Angeles in 2018, the drone in the future is still very limited in terms of movement: it moves up and down and turns left to right. This may explain the lack of new operations since 2019 …

Likewise, Cloudvertise has also adopted an innovative concept: ‘ad clouds’. Trademark logos are made with letters of helium-filled foam and then airborne. Here again, we are faced with a medium of communication, which, admittedly, is out of the ordinary, but ultimately less exciting than the stated result.

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