Sancerre driveway space self-catering

Sancerre driveway space self-catering

No need to wait for any official running competitions to gallop or trot on Sentes du Sancerrois. For a few days now, the Piton Running Club has opened up a painted archaeological space, in large part, in the heart of the vineyards. Everyone will be able to enjoy dozens of self-service modes, at their own pace, according to their tastes and abilities. In your shoes, pants, and shirt, there is something that irritates your legs and clears your head …

Espace Trail de Sancerre opened its first three routes @screenshot

At the end of the 1980s, at a time when running didn’t involve running, in Sanseri, at the foot and around the top, a half marathon was held every year. Very difficult, very steep too… The competition has collapsed for lack of courage. At that time, the culture Marvejols-Mende, look at the soul spiridone, He did not have a large following in Berry. Lifestyles have changed and the desire for change has emerged…

At the time, Phillip Georgette, the trailer and current head of Sancerre Running, didn’t have the right to walk on asphalt and even less so to put on his shoes – shoes just aren’t enough for fun – from seven leagues to run the hog-in-the-middle slopes and vineyards Sauvignon. Since then, Sancerrois – the man not the label’s watchdog – has grown. He was even elected head of off-court races in the Cher division. With his fellow trailers, he embarked on an organization adventure. Thus, in 2012, the Trail de Sancerre was created, a competition event (a National Trail Tour tour) set up by Sancerre winegrowers and the local club for a “real journey through the legendary vineyards and cellars.” The first stage that attracted, in a matter of years, Few, the best athletes in discipline while swallowed several thousand runners daredevil rise The last difficulty before crossing the finish line is at Magnum (35 km), Villette (15 km), or Startante (8 km).

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The first driveway space in the Center Val-de-Loire area

The second step was taken after a holiday in Mercantour for Philippe Georgette. There, during his morning outings, he was able to make use of tracing a trail station with specific routes. On his return, the man from Peyton thought of passing on the idea to Sancerrois. Especially since the concept can combine sports and tourism. Perfect for the symbolic site of the SharePoint section.

Around the summit, Philippe Georgette and several teams of volunteers marked the roads and marked the way @ Fabrice Simoes

After some trial and error, and with the support of the Tourist Office, the project gradually took shape. accompanied by the company trail track, Resplendent in both France and Europe, the Berrichons family got their start. We had to find ways and mark them too. And if vercion du Larousse assures us that the trail is a “long-distance running race on a bumpy track or track,” and the topography of the place allowed us to add a difference in elevation. Here, you can encounter little difference in level, a lot of difference in level, and even a lot of difference in height. A way to understand the heyday and surroundings of “France’s Favorite Village 2021” other than tasting white wine.

The local club members have been working hard for several months now. And even if the entire space has already been determined, the first three sections were officially revealed a few days ago. In order to more easily visualize the different difficulty levels and adjust their abilities for the courses, the markers are available in ski slope style colours. On site So we can find out, before setting off with small, calculated steps or like a growl, that according to the blue slope of towards the Loire Valley (20.3 km, 460 m of cumulative vertical drop), green driveway woodE (7.9 km, 320 m of cumulative elevation difference) and another green Loire and the channel (13.3 km, 340 m of cumulative elevation gain). In total, there are 12 paths from easy to expert level in 5 starting locations which will be unlocked respectively. In the end, toSelection will be improved by an urban trail circuit; Training course, with hill slope workshop and challenging track. More than 250 km will be displayed on the total odometer.

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everybody In the end, Form the “First Trail Space” in the Center Val-de-Loire area. Espace Trail du Grand Sancerrois It will also be the first Espace track to be built around the wine label, the prestigious AOC Sancerre. Located two hours from Paris, the Espace Trail du Grand Sancerrois will introduce you to the routes in the heart of Sancerrois, Pays Fort and Loire Valley…. As a result of a collaboration between the Pays Fort-Sancerrois-Val de Loire Community of Communes and the Sancerre Running Club, the Espace Trail du Grand Sancerrois dominated by the small town of Sancerre but also by the woodland atmosphere of the Pays Fort or again by the quieter reliefs on the banks of a river Loire. “

Sports Challenge, Peretz and Heads

On the ground, all circuits are in the process of identifying, signaling and signaling. On the web, they are already introduced, even those that are not yet accessible, Thanks to Definitions of bioenvironment (forests, vineyards, etc.), accessibility such as Nordic walking, estimated duration, distance, positive and negative differences in elevation, and also color. Description, anecdotes, decorate the cycle itself. Over the kilometers, pyrites, huts, hedges, buildings and capes will be characteristic indicators of a more playful discovery of the area. For example, about the road towards the Loire Valley We can read that ‘Departing from Savigny en Sancerre, you will head towards the Loire Valley through oak forests. You will discover the 16th-century Château des Vilattes, its bathhouse and its mill. You will have to cross two rivers, which is enough to prove your qualities as a tall jumper! Ford! From Howards and Ford from Marchery. Coming out of the woods is presented a landscape of natural meadows, suitable for raising goats, cows and horses. Return to the village of Savigny en Sancerre through the old Railleries farms. A course to learn about the trail without too much difficulty.”

The roads are integrated into the landscape but are still very visibleFabrice Simoes

As for those who are afraid of getting lost, or are not fond of direction, that is the case It is possible to record the route of the track in the GPS version of a connected watch, among other things, using a dedicated mobile application.

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The honest, the solid, or those with very good shoes can always get down to it Integral Sancerre. With a distance of 68 km and nearly 4,000 meters of cumulative vertical drop, it seems necessary to count on 5:55 when you hit hard. However, since the area is conducive to art stops, wine and food tastings, we can also play quietly and take our time!

Fabrice Simos

At each starting point of the circuits there is a sign that gives the necessary information. @ Fabrice Simoes

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