Sam Cane won the New Zealand Player of the Year award

Sam Cane won the New Zealand Player of the Year award

Traditional Awards ceremony organized by New Zealand Rugby Every year he has this 2020 to Sam was the protagonist. The captain of the selected team wins the highest award tonight with a Prize for Player of the Year And for All year black. The Seven girls They got an award Team of the Year For the third time in a row Hey Brian Williams They honored him with prestigious Premier Steinlager Silver.

Cane has been tireless in 2020 With great performance and outstanding leadership during a challenging year leading to the All Blacks Team Get the Bledisloe and Three Nations Cup. field Black Sevens fern On the world stage again in 2020 with an award Team of the Year And the Coach Alan Bunting and Corey Sweeney He won awards like My general coach After winning the same category also in 2019.

The Captain of the Blacks MaoriHighlanders and Hooker de Hock Bay, Ash DicksonHe won the award Tom French Memorial Maori Player of the YearWhile his colleague in Hawke’s Bay, navigation, And was awarded the Duane Monkley’s Medal Best player in the 10 Miter Cup.

captain All Sevens BlacksWorld championship winner, Scott Carey, He won an award Sevens Player of the Year, While Stacy Floehler He won the award Player of the Year From the black sevens fern. Both players have been previously recognized by World Rugby and selected this season for Dream Teams.

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The great Award Steinlager Silver This year’s New Zealand rugby tradition has gone to recognize the outstanding contribution to rugby to legend and former biographer All Black Sir Brian Williams.

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