"Destroyed. NZ faster with light winds" - OA Sport

“Destroyed. NZ faster with light winds” – OA Sport

This is like devastation … 800 meters in front of us. It looks like the New Zealand team can manage the boat very easily, they are in great unison in doing soThese are just words Mark Orams, Distinguished Professor at Auckland University of Technology, is a well-known sailing expert providing advice to The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand’s leading news organization. This was Commentary after America’s Cup 4 race, that is The New Zealand team took a 1’03 lead over Luna Rossa.

This is a crush …Which is how I say “What a blow,” “destroyed.”. Sadly, the Prada Pirelli team struggled throughout the race, and was not flawless at first, and did not choose the right side of the racetrack and then committed Fatal mistake at the end of the first part of the breech. Reasons for the kiwi to overcome light wind conditions and Even the score in the match race that awards America’s Cup (2-2). The caption refers exclusively to the fourth race, whose results returned oxygen to New Zealand fans: they were convinced that they could easily defend the Old Jug, and found themselves under the weight of abuse from the Italian crew and only thanks to an important component. Performance where they are able to influence accounts.

Oram was then evident, from the pinnacle of his unmistakable experience, in analyzing what he had seen on this race day. “We learned Te Rehutai is fast even in this light windSomething we didn’t know before today. The data refer to A. The speed advantage over Luna Rossa in these conditions with wind speeds of less than 10 knots. This is a surprise because almost everyone thought the Luna Rossa was the fastest boat in very light winds. However, even if you were faster, these narrow fields make overtaking difficult: in 16 races out of 17, wins the race whichever one wins first.“.

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