Saint Christopher Vallon.  Espace emploi along with economic recovery

Saint Christopher Vallon. Espace emploi along with economic recovery

The Conques Marcillac business district held its annual general meeting on Tuesday 17 May at the Maison duuteroire de Marcillac, under the co-chairmanship of François Bessis and Cathy Gillet. 2021 is undoubtedly the year of the economic recovery of the structure, which recorded a lot of performances in all sectors of activity.

This economic recovery led to the support of RSA recipients, with many people undertaking long-term professional activity. The structure provided social and professional support to 282 job seekers; It also served 82 local employers for 178 job offers submitted.

The activity of providing individuals to the Intermediate Association Adel was significant because it represented 12,069 man-hours to which 3773 man-hours should be added with the Temporary Employment Company, Adel Antrim. Espace Emploi is now also available to individuals by becoming a ‘Migration Point for Individual Employers’ since the end of 2021, primarily to support in the Cesu (Comprehensive Employment Screening) procedures.

While Espace emploi seeks to work as closely as possible with the social and economic needs of its territory, it also works with the Espace emploi network in Aveyron. All offers are visible on the website created in 2021 The first half of 2022 is also marked by the submission of several job offers to be filled on the community lands; These performances are now visible in the town halls, thanks to the weekly transmissions sent on the poket and lliwap boards…

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Espace Emploi is at the disposal of all candidates for additional information or to contact employers at 05 65 42 68 94.

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