Espace Presse - INPI Ranking 2021: CEA, the first French research organization to file patents

Espace Presse – INPI Ranking 2021: CEA, the first French research organization to file patents

2021 edition to arrange
INPIwhich characterizes the main French players in the field of filing the most patents, was just published on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

CEA is among the top 5 patent applicants

With 630 applications posted, CEA is still in the top five in the rankingsin fourth place behind Safran, Stellantis and Valeo Group.

INPI Ranking 2021 – Top 10 © INPI

CEA . still #1 in the category “Research, Higher Education, and State Institutions”. The position he held for more than 10 years.

INPI 2021 Ranking - RESE Category

INPI Ranking 2021 – Category “Research and Higher Education Institutions and the State” © INPI

For this 2021 edition, the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI) presents a ranking of the top three patent applicants by field and technology sub-domain. Mechanics, followed by electrical engineering and chemistry, are the three sectors in which patent applications have been the most consistent. CEA is Pioneering in the electrical engineering sector With 358 published patents, it ranks in the top three in various fields and sub-fields: chemistry, instruments, machines, instrumentation, electric power, measurement technologies…

INPI Ranking 2021 - Technological Domains and Sub-Domains

INPI Ranking 2021 – Technological Domains and Subdomains © INPI

CEA’s assets to accelerate innovation by protecting inventions

With its strong culture of innovation and outstanding technological research associated with basic research at the highest level, state-of-the-art equipment and
The patent protection policy is very dynamic With 7,250 active patent families at the beginning of 2021 and around 700 patents filed annually, CEA is successfully pursuing its mission of technology transfer and development, at the service of industrialists.

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Properly protecting the R&D results of its industrial partners and enhancing their exploitation in order to meet the growing challenges of national sovereignty, and supporting French and European companies in innovation to give them a competitive advantage, these are the main milestones of CEA’s intellectual property protection strategy. A strategy that CEA wanted to highlight and detail with the publication of the IP Charter for its industrial partners.

Aledia and Isorg in the 2021 INPI ranking

CEA’s partner startups also hold key positions in the 2021 INPI ranking. Aledia, a specialist in LED technologies, held the lead in the “SME” rating, with 25 patent applications published in 2021. Isorg, a fingerprint sensor specialist, occupied the Second place with 16 patents, associated with the Supergrid Institute.

* Publications correspond to applications submitted between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020

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